Participants use Dawn’s pragmatic strategies in their daily lives to transform their negative mindsets into healthy new ways of thinking and living. Dawn Breedon is here to assist you reach your goals and solidify strategies that ensure your person and professional success.

"There are moments in life, that can literally snatch your breath away and cause a pain that words cannot express. During those soul searching turbulent experiences, Dawn encourages us to retreat and remember to breathe. Once you finish this book you will never be the same again."

                                                  -Les Brown

Rebuilding the Foundation of your life. 


"Years ago in 2000 to be exact you came to speak to a female youth group in Teaneck High School called Source. Your story and life really moved me. I was very much an asleep young teenager that really had no clue about life and the world. My friends were my world and I used my God given talents to just get by in school and in life. Hearing your life story and the passion in the delivery made me wake up for a moment. I never forgot your story and some of the things you taught us.
Anyway I am reaching out to you to tell you about how you touched my life and also to see if you can become my mentor. I am 33 now."

                                                                                                                                                   ~Alison O.