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Dawn was featured in the
North Jersey Herald News
"Hope and Healing" in April 2005.


Dawn Breedon is a motivational speaker, Certified Life Coach, activist, and author of REMEMBER TO BREATHE. Dawn continues to educate herself to help others pull through adverse situations. She recently graduated with honors from Lincoln University in Pennsylvania with a Masters of Human Services Degree, where she was inducted into the Pi Gamma Mu International Honor Society for Social Sciences. Dawn is a Life Coach with a certificate in Evidenced Based Coaching from Fielding Graduate University.

In 1991 while she was five months pregnant, she was diagnosed HIV positive. Resolving to believe God's prognosis instead of the doctor's diagnosis, she eagerly awaited the arrival of her baby. A year after her son was born, a two-year custody battle with her son’s father began and ended with a vicious attack on her and the murder of her son. No question, Dawn’s faith and forbearance pulled her through!

Dawn Breedon gives you inspiration to do things you never thought you could. No matter how afraid you may be or how impossible it may seem.

In the middle of crazed media coverage and the steady churning of her hometown’s rumor mill, Dawn learned she was pregnant again. Today she is the mother of a healthy, happy son.

Determined not to allow the situations in her life to dictate her success, Dawn speaks at corporate events, churches, for women's groups and for high schools. She offers up empowering useable techniques to manage change, and to help push through gut wrenching emotional pain. Lessons learned on HIV prevention, alternatives to domestic violence and substance abuse awareness have helped Dawn to build powerful self-esteem boosting presentations.

She is currently working in prisons helping repeat offenders learn how to take responsibility for their actions and make smarter choices. She also works with public assistance recipients helping to raise their self-esteem and to have a larger vision for themselves.

Dawn also provides pragmatic strategies to enable people to identify dishonest and dangerous behavior in their mates. She has helped countless women to discern bisexual behavior in their partners (often referred to as the ‘Down Low’).

From the National Football League to Mary Kay Cosmetics; countless diverse audiences have benefited from Dawn's seminars.

Disclaimer: Life Coaching services are for individuals 18 and older

I am not a licensed mental health care provider and do not engage in patient diagnosis or the practice of medicine. Similarly, I am not a counselor or therapist. If you are feeling depressed, suicidal or like you want to hurt yourself or someone else please contact one or more of the following:

www.bergenregional.com 201-447-2210

Care Plus NJ Inc. 201-265-8200

Vantage Health System 201-567-0500

Bergen County Dept. of Health Services 201-634-2745

Call: NJ 211

Call: 201-262-HELP

NJ HOPELINE 1-855-654-6735

National Mental Health Center 877-924-2407